Glossary - W

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Water Pollution

The addition of sewage, industrial wastes, or other harmful or objectionable material to water in concentrations or in sufficient quantities to result in measurable degradation of water quality. Source: S1

Water Quality Criteria

Levels of pollutants in bodies of water that are consistent with various uses of water, i.e. drinking water, sport fishing, industrial use. Source: G1


Land area from which water drains toward a common watercourse in a natural basin. Source: G1


All costs involved in a project including the capital costs (planning, construction, land and equipment) and the operating costs (staffing costs and the costs of maintenance and refurbishment). Source: G3

Workplace Health and Safety

The absence of uncontrolled risks to the health and safety of persons who visit, use, operate or work at, in or on the asset being managed throughout its lifecycle. Source: P1

Written Down Replacement Value (WDRV)

Written Down Value is based on the cost of an equivalent asset depreciated to reflect the expired portion of the asset's useful life, and any variation in operating costs. (Also known as 'Depreciated Replacement Cost'). Source: A5

Written Down Value (WDV)

In relation to an asset, Written Down Value is the amount at which the asset is recorded in the accounting records as at a particular date. Written Down Value means the net amount after deducting accumulated depreciation. In relation to a class of assets, the sum of the Written Down Values of the assets in that class is aggregated. (Also known as the 'Carrying Amount'). Source: A5