Glossary - G

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A Geographic Information System is a computer package that displays a map connected to a database. The package can typically combine features, such as roads and sewers, from different maps and overlay them on the same screen. To qualify as a GIS, such systems should also be able to reference a computer database for textual information, such as notes and dimensions, regarding features displayed on the map. Source: G1


The Global Positioning System is a network of satellites launched and maintained by the U.S. Department of Defense. The satellites continually beam radio signals that a GPS receiver can use to instantly determine its holder's position, with a high degree of accuracy, anywhere in the world. Source: G3


The computerized display of drawings on visual display terminals, printers or plotters. Source: G1

Gross Book Value

The original acquisition cost of the asset. If the asset has been re-valued, the Gross Book Value is the current valuation. Source: A4