Glossary - S

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Relative protection from adverse consequences. Source: A4


System Control and Data Acquistion system.

Schematic Design or Drawing

A preliminary design drawing, sketch or diagram showing, in outline form, the general intentions of the designer. Source: G3

A descriptive and illustrative definition of a preferred option, including a time schedule, cost plan and schematic drawings, developed to a point where a limit of cost estimate can be established. Source: D1

Semi-variable Costs

Changes in costs relate to a range in volume levels, as there is a stepped relationship. Source: A4

Sensitivity Analysis

Testing of the variations in the outcome of an evaluation by altering the values of key factors about which there might be uncertainty. Source: G3

Determination of how the results of a calculation or model vary as individual assumptions are changed. Source: D1

Sensitivity Testing

The testing of the variations in the outcome of an evaluation by altering the values of key factors about which there may be uncertainty. Source: G3


Result generated by the activities at the interface between the supplier and the customer and by supplier internal activities to meet the customer needs and expectations. It should be noted that:

  • the supplier or the customer may be represented at the interface by personnel or equipment
  • customer activities at the interface with the supplier may be essential to the service delivery
  • delivery or use of tangible products may form part of the service delivery service may be linked with the manufacture of tangible product. Source: S2: AS/NZS ISO 9000:2000.

Service Agreement

A formal arrangement entered into by a purchaser and a provider for the purchase of outputs. (Synonymous - purchase agreement/contract). Source: A4

Service Contract

Refer to Service Agreement above.

Service Potential

At any point in the life of an asset, its ability to provide a service over and above a minimum acceptable standard. Source: D1

Service Strategy

A plan of action for the supply of services by an organization to its clients that is consistent with that organization's corporate goals. Source: D1


In the FMECA process, severity is an assessment of how serious the effect of the potential Failure Mode is on the customer. Significant Characteristics, for example, are Special Characteristics defined by Ford Motor Company as characteristics that significantly affect customer satisfaction and require quality planning to ensure acceptable levels of capability. Source: A4

Shadow Price

Market prices adjusted to compensate for market imperfections, subsidies, price controls, customs duties, unemployed resources, etc, in order to produce a closer estimate of the true resource cost to the economy. Source: A4


Any land on which development is being carried out or is proposed to be carried out, regardless of whether such land forms all or part of a single allotment, or a number of continuous allotments. Source: G3

Lands and other places to be made available and any other land and places made available to the contractor by the Principal for the purpose of the contract. Source: S2

Site Investigation/Survey

The study of those characteristics of a site and its surroundings that might affect the planning design, construction, operation and performance of any building or engineering works on that site. Site investigation involves the examination of the site subsoil by drilling with core recovery for visual and laboratory analysis, assisted by information from geological survey data and soil survey maps, and the consideration of aspects such as access, drainage, liability to flooding and the availability of public utility services and construction material. Source: G1

Spatial Information

Information that includes a reference to a two or three dimensional position in space as one of its attributes. Source: A4


A written document with technical directions and conditions describing one or more of the administrative and procedural requirements, the quality of materials and/or standards of workmanship necessary for the undertaking and satisfactory completion of a project or works. Source: G3


People, organizations and departments whose interests may be affected by the delivery of outputs. Source: A4

Straight Line Basis

This is a basis of calculating depreciation. It assumes that an asset deteriorates along a straight line from the time of its acquisition through to the end of its useful life and is calculated by dividing the historic (original) cost by the estimated useful life. Source: A4

Strategic Asset Management (SAM)

SAM is defined as the planned alignment of physical asset input performance with an organization's service delivery output needs, to achieve desired outcomes. This is achieved by the systematic management of all decision-making processes taken throughout the intended life cycle of a physical asset. Source: A4

Strategic Value Management

A structured, systematic and analytical process undertaken at the concept evaluation phase of the project initiation process to quantify and verify needs. Source: S2

Substantial Completion

The stage reached when, under the terms and conditions of a contract, a project is considered to have essentially been completed and is fit for its intended purpose, except for minor omissions and defects that do not prevent its use, and with tests required under the contract having been carried out. Substantial completion may be marked by the issue to the contractor of a "certificate of substantial completion", by the superintendent. Source: D1


The architect, engineer or other person appointed in writing by the principal as the principal's agent and notified to the contractor as such. The superintendent is responsible to the principal for all aspects of the administration of the contract for a project. Some of the functions may be delegated to a nominated superintendent's representative. Source: G1

Superintendent's Representative

A person appointed in writing by the Superintendent to exercise defined powers or duties on the Superintendent's behalf. Source: G3

A person appointed by the Superintendent to exercise some of the functions of the Superintendent. Source: N1

Supervisor - Site

A generic term for a person with a supervisory role on a site. Source: G1

Supervisor - Project

A person responsible to the Superintendent who is based at the site of a large works project and has authority to deal directly with the contractor to ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the original or amended contract documents and sound construction practices. Source: S2

SWOT Analysis

An analysis that provides an assessment of an organization's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to provide a snapshot of the present and a view of the future for that organization. Source: A4

Systematic Error

A reproducible inaccuracy introduced by faulty equipment, calibration, or technique. Source: A4