Other Staff

The asset management group, coordinators and individual data collectors may need to ask other staff to provide information on asset management.

The organization's operations, maintenance, design and planning staff will need to:

  • Participate in the workshops and needs analysis studies
  • Identify sources of data
  • Identify any problems with managing assets.

Some staff may only be involved briefly, but others will have detailed information about the assets in their memories, which will be needed for the system. They may spend considerable time answering questions from the data collectors.

The team might also rely on other staff to locate assets, particularly buried assets such as underground power and lighting systems.

If assets can be easily located, and existing records contain all the necessary information for the attribute databases chosen, there will be less work required from other staff.

The asset management group will need to quantify the required inputs, and it should monitor and control inputs to ensure that the overall program stays on target.

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