Asset Group Coordinator

Organizations with many different asset groups may need to appoint Asset Management Coordinators for each group or major facility.

Asset Group Coordinators should be responsible for collecting data and implementing Asset Management systems for their asset type.

It should be noted that, although individual business units have unique needs, corporate does have an overriding role in assessing the relative merits of investing in each activity.

Group Coordinator Responsibilities

The coordinators for the asset groups should be responsible to the Asset Management Coordinator, and thence to the Asset Management Team or Committee. The asset group coordinators should be aware of the overall approach to Asset Management in the organization and should ensure that the part that they play fits into the corporate principles and concepts.

They are responsible for:

  • Implementing the corporate guidelines and policies
  • Administering and monitoring the program of data collection and input for their asset group
  • Reporting to the overall Asset Management Coordinator on issues or problems that arise.
  • Project Management
  • Records of Procedures (Manuals)
  • Overall Integration.

The Diverse Management of Like Assets

Often in service authorities, assets are not held under one responsibility. Various departments may be responsible even for like assets. In general the assets have fallen to the group that has direct responsibility for them. For example, specialized plant may be the responsibility of the buildings group, parks and gardens, roads, drains or water supply and sewerage, etc.

Different organizational units can hold the cost center and the responsibility for like assets. However, it is essential that these assets are dealt with in a like manner across the organization, so that corporate can fully assess the relative merits of the different investment opportunities in these assets.

The Asset Group Coordinators could help other departments with similar assets to record their assets. This will particularly apply to building infrastructure, where it is often the case that the building assets coordinator will be required to work with many other departments.

A uniform approach can then be made to all like assets in the organization, irrespective of the department or funding group to which they belong.

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