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Initial Assessment

The most effective means of defining the information systems to support the asset management program is by completing a thorough needs analysis or project evaluation. The needs analysis aims to:

  • Determine the asset groups involved, their approximate number and valuation
  • Identify the condition of the assets
  • Determine the specific information needs required for the assets
  • Determine the corporate organization's needs for financial and technical data
  • Determine the business unit, regional unit and asset groups needs
  • Determine the workforce needs for each of the asset groups
  • Determine the ultimate system configuration to meet existing needs and perceived future needs
  • Complete an audit of the existing systems and determine the most viable means to get from the existing systems to the proposed systems
  • Determine the sources of data and the resources required to collect this data and enter it into the proposed systems
  • Determine the total resources required in terms of software, hardware, data collection, and implementation
  • Determine the potential benefits resulting from the asset management systems
  • Determine a suitable program based on cost/benefit priorities for the implementation of the systems
  • Establish a suitable time frame based on the organization's capability to finance the program.

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