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Access and Response Issues

The decision on where data should reside to ensure the best possible access should take into account whether the outputs are required for both corporate (asset owners) and delegated service providers.

Information is required for the business units or facility managers (delegated service providers) to:

  • Effectively manage their assets in an advanced way
  • Provide the data required by corporate.

Whether the data resides in the corporate system or stand-alone machines within the facility or asset group management area, it needs to reflect the outputs and benefits that can be derived, and the requirements of the organization concerned.

Corporate culture, policy and politics will play a role, however, the final decision should be based on efficiency and effectiveness (greatest benefit).

Where the boundary should be placed to gain greatest effectiveness is difficult to assess, however, the following issues need to be considered:

  • What are the objectives of the system?
  • Who will make use of the data?
  • What manipulations need to be completed for other managerial information needs?
  • Are these activities a core corporate activity or are they primarily a workface or asset group activity?
  • How can system "ownership" and usage be best achieved?

In general, the detailed physical data of an asset is of primary use to the asset group managers only, however some auditors and financial controllers may also need access to this data.

The figure below shows where to locate data:


Stand-alone systems offer the following benefits, where a fully integrated approach may not be cost effective:

  • More user friendly applications available
  • Better graphics and modules
  • Greater system ownership
  • Better environment for innovation
  • Greater access, control/availability
  • Develop "asset group" team feelings
  • Access is still possible through mainframe
  • Doesn't overload corporate systems for one off usage
  • Easier to upgrade and maintain
  • Avails organization of a choice of all package/module developments, specialist software eg. conduit condition/assessments/fault records.

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