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Knowledge Management / EDC System

Knowledge Management Systems are designed to:

  • Capture all business-critical documentation
  • Make it accessible to all staff.

Often web-based, these systems ensure that policy, procedures and specialist systems are always up to date, and can be used by all staff, no matter where they are.

Specialised on-line documentation systems act as a 'directory' of company information.

The key functions and characteristics include:

  • Ease of use
  • Fast, regardless of location
  • Powerful search function
  • Links to other corporate systems
  • Glossary
  • Flexible
  • Able to be added to and updated by in-house staff.

Often these systems provide links to tools that assist the user to follow the procedure or policy, eg:

  • Links from the organization's Environmental Policy to the Government Guidelines and legislation
  • A planning template that needs to be completed as part of the Asset Strategic Planning process.

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