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Condition Assessment and Records System

The Condition Assessment module is used to assess and rank the physical condition of the assets.

This module will generally contain fields that are related to the:

  • Signs of distress displayed by the various assets
  • Degree to which they are stressed or are failing
  • Assessed weighting to indicate the degree to which each failure mode impacts on the asset's ability to deliver the required level of service.

These three inputs are combined to develop a "condition rating" that allows the Asset Manager to rank all the assets. This rating is used to help assess the current position of the asset in its life cycle.

The rate of decay recorded through subsequent assessments then allows the asset manager to predict the life of the asset, and the time by which it will not be able to deliver the level of service required.

Data from condition monitoring activities will feed this system.

Economically, it is important to assess which assets should be monitored. Criticality, cost/benefit and the effectiveness of sample analysis should all be considered when deciding which assets are to be included.


The condition assessment module should:

  • Relate to the asset register for a certain classification of asset
  • List the distress modes for the type of asset concerned
  • Score the degree of distress being exhibited by the asset for each of the distress modes
  • Have an appropriate "help screen" or other system (manual) to assist operators to identify and score the distress modes
  • Enable a weighting factor to be applied to each of the scores
  • Develop an overall condition score for the asset using the multiples of the scores and the weighting
  • Interface this score to the predictive condition module
  • Enable a series of records to be recorded and related to the date of the inspection
  • Enable these scores to be plotted on the decay profile graph.

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