What Level of Asset Management

Level 1 - Novice User The Level 1 AMPLE web tool is considered to be a basic asset management program-learning environment for the NOVICE user, someone who has some knowledge not an expert, but someone who has been managing assets for a considerable period. AMPLE allows the three levels of user competencies to drill down to a level of information which will satisfy their requirements and allow them to make more informed decisions in regards to implementing asset management and developing a first level asset management plan for assets in their systems.
Level 2 - Aware User This level will introduce more case studies; actual working templates for all level 2 assessments covering all life cycle function areas of the Total Enterprise Asset Management Quality Framework (TEAMQF). Level 2 will build the confidence level of the user by driving them through more advanced specialist processes, templates and spreadsheets that will provide more advanced strategies for particular asset types, eg capital investment planning and condition assessment programs. Level 2 takes asset management to a more advanced level and increases the awareness and ability of practitioners to make better strategic decisions and introduces them to long-term financial sustainability.
Level 3 - Competent User   This level will provide more advanced asset management models and processes using examples and case studies from research of world wide best practices. It will include advanced processes and tools to assist users how to undertake life cycle modeling and financial planning. Level 3 advanced asset management future programs will continue to build more specialist advanced modules such as: strategic planning, maintenance planning, reliability centered maintenance and risk assessment. Other tool include optimised renewal & life cycle cost analysis, whole of business planning, budget preparation, project and program management, asset handover, asset rationalization and disposal, levels of service, and customer consultation surveys. To reach this point could take asset managers a considerable period of time. This module is being developed to allow continuity of the level of expertise for advanced users, so the momentum is not reduced.
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1. Have you read the International Infrastructure Management Manual?
2. Have you attended any formal training in asset management?
3. Does your agency contain an electronic asset register?
4. Does this register contain all assets or just some
5. Are you aware of Total Quality Management processes?
6. Have you commenced an Agency Asset Management program?
7. Does your agency use a computerized maintenance management system and are staff sufficiently skilled in its operation?
8. Have you read other available texts on Asset Management?
9. Is Asset Management a regular topic of discussion within your Agency?
10. Does your Agency have an Asset Management Steering Committee?

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